The Stannard lighthouse,, which is located in the United States, is considered one of the lobbyist places on the earth. The Stannard Lighthouse is located on an underwater reef in lake superior. Apart from that, it is one of the ten engineering marvels in the country. 

Not only that but the nearest land to this lighthouse is Keweenaw Peninsula, and it is located nearly 39 km away from it. 

The location of this lighthouse was identified by Captain Charles C Stannard in 1835. After that, when the facility started, it earned the name the “Loneliest spot.” In this article, we are going to discuss some of the special factors of the Stannard Rock Lighthouse.

The Special Factors About Stannard Rock Lighthouse

Below we have discussed some of the special factors of the Stannard Rock Lighthouse.  

1) Stannard Rock lighthouse is located in the middle of Lake Superior. It is situated more than 24 miles from anywhere further offshore in the United States. 

2) The remote lighthouse was home to many coast guard and lighthouse keepers. They spent daily weeks biding their time on the rock and kept maintaining the lighthouse until 1962.  

3) In the year 2015, the Stannard Lighthouse was transferred under the Superior Watershed Partnership for Great Lakes in the year 2015. This partnership is mainly a Michigan-based partnership, and it works on climate change and several Canadian Agencies, including Atmospheric and National Oceanic as well. So the Stannard lighthouse was mainly that time for the keepers like the “Lighthouse near me.” 

4) The Stannard Lighthouse is tall up to 110 feet. Apart from that, it is one of the nine lighthouses which has an elevator after the U.S. Coast guard headquarters have been shifted to Washington D.C.

5)Apart from that, it took more than 5 years to build this Lighthouse in the middle of Lake Superior. After that, the National Park Service named it one of the top 10 engineering feats in American History. 

6)The Stannard Lighthouse headquarters is located in the 9th Coast Guard District in Cleveland. Apart from that, the headquarters has ensured the security, safety, and stewardship of the Great lake. 

7) The 9th District’s safeguarding mariners and enabling commerce maintains and regulates more than 5,000 federal and private aids for navigating. 

8)The tower was completed for the first time and lit up in 1882. Apart from that, it stands 78 feet tall and also has seven levels from the gallery to the kitchen. The several levels come up with sleeping quarters, a watch and lens room, and library reading rooms. 

9)The life of the keepers and guards were lonely and harsh. Apart from that, keepers were not allowed to have girlfriends or wives, so the homesickness was not increased. The men of this lighthouse spent by playing the cribbage game and eating whatever substances came out of the can. Apart from that, their days went out without having any single conversations with each other. 

In this case, to fight the terrible isolations, the men were rotated off the rock for up to three weeks. 

The More Information About Stannard Rock Lighthouse

Below we have mentioned more information about Stannard Rock Lighthouse

The keepers went home when the shipping season arrived in early December and then returned in March. After that, when they returned then, the lighthouse was heaped over by the thick layer of ice. In that situation, the men would take a sledgehammer and pickaxes to clear the heap of ice. They removed the ice from the foghorns and lanterns. 

The thing is, the trip around the Lighthouse was not an easy matter. In this case, there was so much ice on the lake that keepers were unable to reach the rock before the month July. 

Apart from that, it also occurred that the violent northwest storm sent 30-foot waves smashing and crashing into the tower. After that, the shelves and plates from the tables were knocked out. In this case, when keepers had to go out from the lighthouse’s galley tower during high winds, then, they were tethered with rope so that they were not blown away. 

In 1913 a vicious storm covered the entire 12 feet tower. After that, it took a 12-man team to rescue the keepers of this tower. Not only that, but in 1904, a fishing company hired a group team to shift the keepers from Stannard Rock, and after that, it sent the tugs two weeks later. In that situation, the four keepers had consumed all the provisionary statements and were contemplating the suicidal escape on the yawl of the station. 


We have discussed some of the stories of the Stannard Lighthouse above in this article. The Stannard lighthouse was mainly built on rock, and it is mainly underwater. Apart from that, this lighthouse has the potential that it can warn boats or aircraft of upcoming dangers. Apart from that, boat services are also available to take visitors near the lighthouse. 

Thank you for reading till the end. 

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